Very early memories

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Very early memories

Post by blue102 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:31 pm

Where else can I ask a question like this?

Since I was a little kid, I have had weird memories. Some of them are from a past life (I think) and some are from my early childhood. I remember the day I was born. The only part I can remember is lying on the (cart? bed?) as the wheeled me down the hallway in the hospital. I was looking up and noticing the light coming through the windows and the color of the walls. I have always remembered an early experience where my mom brought me to her workplace. I remember everything about this visit, from my mom taking me out of the car and putting me down on the table at this place, and her coworkers looking at me. It was very quiet in there and I hated it. I mentioned this to my mom when I was a kid and she said I was two months old when it happened. A few days ago I found a journal she kept when I was a baby, and she describes this visit to her workplace. I was two months old and it was my second outing after coming home from the hospital.

I also remember other mom and dad's kitchen in the house they lived in before I was born, and being present at their wedding reception. Pictures confirmed that my memories were correct, but there was no way I'd have seen those places or events because I wasn't born yet.

There was one memory I have been thinking about lately, and it is one where my dad and I were at a little restaurant near the water. There was a particular walkway over the water, like an overlook, and the lighting fixtures were made of stained glass or something. I just found this place in my town, and I'm so excited because it confirms that the memory is real. I do not know when this happened but I must have been a baby or a very small child because I've had this memory forever. It almost seems like a past life memory.

I also remember specific details about being a little child, going up the concrete stairs into a hospital, saying goodbye to my mom and feeling very scared. I've done some research and I believe I've found this place. It's an old hospital in my town which is now a museum (my dad was born there). When I visited last summer, walking up the concrete stairs matched my memory perfectly. I also recognized the inside of the place. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but my dad's little sister died of a heart condition as a child, a few years before I was born. It kind of makes me wonder!

What do you think of these memories, and do you have any odd or very early memories?

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Re: Very early memories

Post by Rey » Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:48 pm

Hello blue102,

I dont have any strong feeling of having lived a past life (or seeming memories of or from a past life), but when I was very young I had constant dreams/visions of what I call "arrival". That is, an incredible feeling (with attendant visions) of coming from "some place (an out there)" to "here". It was always very dramatic and involved a sense of incredible speeds (maybe even traveling at or near the speed of light). This happened many times.

In your case, it does sound like some kind of past life type memories perhaps mixed with Deja Vus.

(An alternate possibility is that you may be time traveling, say, when in your dream states. It is also interesting that last night I completed viewing the movie titled "The Jacket" which involved an injured war veteran who endures incredible stress to the point where he becomes able to foresee the future and is able to interact with it from the present based on the fore knowledge.)

Below are some questions extracted from a test that attempts to assess for the possibility that one may have already lived once before (eg, based on degree of innate proclivities).

Do you:

- Have Déjà Vus?
- Have returning dreams that feel real?
- Feel older than you really are?
- Like to be alone?
- Rather talk about something deep and dislike small talk?
- Have "invisible" friends as a child?
- Have visited a place and thought. "I was here already".
- Sometimes feel a deep connection with strangers?
- Feel like you are living in the wrong time?
- Believe in rebirth?
- Have eye-catching liver spots or port-wine stains?

Also, here is a small discussion about causes behind Deja Vu.

What Is Déjà Vu? (How can you know you have seen something you couldn't possibly have seen before?) ... ion657.htm

Hopefully others will have corroborating experiences to relate.


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Re: Very early memories

Post by MysterySeeker » Sun Jan 14, 2018 3:06 am

Dear blue102,

Your memories are possible according to the deceased psychic, Edgar Cayce. His books describe how we visit our parents before they get pregnant with us to find out if we want those parents. He also says that throughout the pregnancy the spirit of the baby comes and goes, and does not stay in the baby body until close to birth time.

So apparently, we all have experiences similar to yours, but most of us just don’t remember them. But you’re lucky enough to remember them :)

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Re: Very early memories

Post by blue102 » Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:06 am

The Deja-Vu info is interesting. I don't get Deja-vu (maybe once or twice in my life) but my husband and kids get it all the time.

- Have Déjà Vus? - No

- Have returning dreams that feel real? - No... though I remember a dream I had where I was looking down at a lower level, where things were happening, and I was going to jump down but I was scared. A friend of mine (not sure who it was but I think it may have been my cousin) was standing on a platform in between telling me "come on! It will be fun!" or something along those lines. It did not occur to me until much later that this dream was possibly what happened before I came to earth.

- Feel older than you really are? - ...generally, I'd say no

- Like to be alone?... Yes but I also need to be around people regularly or I get depressed

- Rather talk about something deep and dislike small talk?... Depends

- Have "invisible" friends as a child?.. YES! I used to hear a nice women speaking to me in my head when I was a little girl. I felt like she was watching over me like a sweet aunt. I used to "hear" (in my thoughts) advice and guidance from someone as a small child. Never thought much about it, but when I got older this did not happen as often. It still does happen sometimes when I am very relaxed, as in almost asleep, and a few times when I was having difficulty in my life. Not sure if it's the same "person" that speaks to me every time.

- Have visited a place and thought. "I was here already".... Yes, the hospital

- Sometimes feel a deep connection with strangers?... Yes, some people

- Feel like you are living in the wrong time?... No but I think I have an old fashioned outlook on life

- Believe in rebirth?... Yes

- Have eye-catching liver spots or port-wine stains?... No

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Re: Very early memories

Post by blue102 » Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:15 am

Speaking of someone giving me advice... this happens occasionally when I'm very stressed or trying to figure out things in my life. I was dealing with a drinking problem a few years ago and I got scolded on one occasion. He/she said "You need to QUIT the drinking." (I did exactly that). This usually happens when I'm in bed very relaxed and sometimes I remember what they tell me and sometimes I don't. They told me that I would eventually get cancer and go "stay with my grandparents". Later I had an ADC from my grandfather in which I dreamed that we talked about this. My grandfather said "I'll stay with anyone in the world but a Democrat!" (Being his joking self). I haven't gotten cancer yet and it may or may not happen, if it does it may be years off. I'm not worried because when/if it does happen then I'll be prepared and it will be time to go.

This person also had a long conversation with me while I was asleep. I woke up and remembered I'd been asking him lots of questions and he was counseling me. (I was very depressed during that time in my life.) The only thing I consciously remembered was him telling me I need to relax.

Maybe I'm crazy... I seem pretty normal otherwise :D

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