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Friend or Foe List ( User Control Panel )

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Friend or Foe List ( User Control Panel )

Post by Garry » Sun Jan 22, 2017 6:48 am

The beauty of this site is that everybody is welcome to express their own opinion of how they feel or interpret what they read or see on this site, which gives the member the ability to express themselves and how they feel about something be it:

Whether it is Positive or Negative as long as it maintains the rule of the site. ( Read the Rules if you wish )

Another nice feature of this site is the ability of each member to choose which posts by other members they care to read and the member can also choose to use the Friend or Foe option in the User Control Panel.

If there is a member who you aren't particularly interested on their views or what they have to say in their post's, You as a member have the ability to put who you choose on your Friend or Foe list.

This is the Manage Friends Screen
This is the Manage FOES Screen

This is an example of what their posts will look like when you see them
This is an example of what their posts will look like when you see them

On Foe List.png

You still have the ability to show their posts by clicking the ( Display this Post ) option , which will display all posts by this member and next time you log on their post will be hidden once again, so you as a member have the control once again as to whether or not , that members posts are displayed to you.
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