"Life After Death Study" in the News

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"Life After Death Study" in the News

Post by Rey » Sat Dec 09, 2017 4:13 pm

LIFE AFTER DEATH: Scientists reveal shock findings from groundbreaking study

https://www.express.co.uk/news/science/ ... king-study

I found this comment from the article very interesting as the person claims to be a physician:

I've been close to many people who died. Some few who came back from the thing we call "death", and to a person, not one of them ever reported a complete void or "nothingness". Some reports were of a joyous reunion with family and friends who had passed on earlier. Some were of meeting angelic creatures who told them they must return because of unfinished work here. A few reported hellish like demonic entities and a sense of oppression that was beyond human words to describe. Needless to say they were most relieved when they were returned to their mortal existence and all have been changed by that experience in the extreme!

As a physician for nearly 40 years, I did observe that the very old and the very young do not have much of a grip on this world. The young because they have not had the time to develop it, and the old because they are tired and ready to leave this world - sensing that something far better awaits them when that transition takes place. I have heard little children talk about being so overjoyed that they went there, we welcomed by loved ones, and then found they could fly - AGAIN! One little boy told me of how he could fly "before" and while he was here, he'd never been able to do so. But when he journeyed to that place we call "death" he remembered that he was able to fly while there. AGAIN! This child was only 3.5 years old at the time and he was totally sincere in his joy at finding he could fly again while he was "there". - MarkinAZ

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