What Do Dogs Dream About?

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What Do Dogs Dream About?

Post by Rey » Thu Feb 18, 2016 2:05 pm


Do Animals Also Experience NDE?
- From "Jan Price's Near-Death Experience With Her Pet Dog Maggi" by Kevin Williams
( http://www.near-death.com/experiences/w ... e.html#a06 )

Maggi wanted to show me where she lived, which she said was patterned by much of what she remembered of the homes where she had lived with us. She had held the images in her mind, pressed, and created a place of residence. As she spoke of her home, we arrived there, which didn't seem strange at all at the time. Later I realized that it was a rather bizarre experience - not only the instantaneous "being there" in the space of a thought but also the idea that our dog actually had a beautiful home on the other side. Again John later helped me to understand this when he said that Emanuel Swedenborg, a frequent visitor to the heavenly realm, wrote that animals do indeed have abodes in the spiritual world, pointing out that they:

"...have such knowledge, for it is implanted in them to know of themselves their homes and dwelling places, as is evident from abundant observation."

As I stood in Maggi's dwelling place, I felt great joy. There was a fire in the fireplace, giving the room a warm, friendly glow. A wall of books - of course! Beautiful paintings and oriental rugs. One whole side of the room was glass and you could look out on a vista of rolling hills, bubbling streams, and many trees.

We sat comfortably on one of the soft, velvety love seats, content just to be together. I stroked her beautiful head and she laid her paws across my legs. To touch again was so precious, for there was so much love between us. Without spoken words we shared memories and deep feelings. Much communication over here was silent, although sound was sometimes used simply because it was so pleasant. My heart overflowed with gratitude for the opportunity to have this reunion - and see my loved one so joyously, vibrantly alive in what can truly be called paradise. Reluctantly we left Mag's lovely home, for I felt an inner prodding to move on.

Next we went to a place she called the lookout. It appeared to be only an overhang on a high cliff, but the view was intensely magnified. I could look into the world I had left behind as though peering into a monitor, if I chose to do so. No one spent a lot of time here, Maggi said, but some occasionally stopped by to check on what was going on in the earthly realm. I decided not to; I wanted to keep moving on in this world of exquisite bliss.

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