Alive After Having Been Frozen Solid

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Alive After Having Been Frozen Solid

Post by Rey » Mon Dec 25, 2017 3:46 pm

Man presumed dead after being found 'frozen solid' on side of the road recovers to become living medical miracle ... racle.html

Actually this is not that unusual. You should find that pretty much when this happens, the person had been drinking heavily & effectively was quite "loaded" (ie,the reason why the person collapsed to begin with; plain drunkenness). Such phenomena has been found to help protect critical tissues from freeze damage & a form of such idea is used in the cryogenic preservation/preparation process (ie, typically a form of glycerin is employed).

Extreme cooling of the body greatly aids survivability as a search of the NDE reports (particularly on IANDS) should reveal that drowning victims were recoverable even well after being submerged in extremely cold water for 20 minutes and more !

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