Won't Get Fooled Again

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Won't Get Fooled Again

Post by RobertS » Sun Apr 05, 2015 8:08 pm

What is/are the message(s) of"Won't Get Fooled Again" which was written and first preformed in 1971? As I listened to the song that saved my life, the once murky lyrics became crystal clear. I, like most listeners of this signature song of this bad boy Rock group only focused on certain semi-understandible lyrics like the repeated title phrase which could apply to almost anything. Maybe the opening lines "We'll be fighting in the streets. With our children at our feet" might have referred at least in the USA (The Who is a British group) to the civil rights riots of the 1960s. Only going farther would a deeper message be found. The words continue"And the morals that they worshiped will be gone". At this point several decades later it could be a prophecy of"Road Rage" which the song was used for in a couple of news magazines as well as the crime show CSI MIAMI.
The first verse continues"And the Man who spurred us on, sits in judgment of our wrongs, singing the shotgun sings the song". There are Gospels proclaiming that JESUS will return with Power and Glory on Judgment Day.

In the chorus which is repeated, some words change and must be listened to carefully. They are"I tip my hat to the new constitution,(New Testament) take a bow for the for the new revolution, ( New Age Spirituality/Consciousness) they may have had played a part in starting. Next they tell about themselves."I Smile and scream at the change all around, pick up my guitar and play or (pray-Rev 14 ) just like yesterday, but then I get on my knees and pray : "We Don't Get Fooled Again".

The second verse goes like this." A change it had to come. We knew it all along. We were liberated from the foe,(satan) thats all. And the world looks the just same. And history ain't changed but the manor they all go in the last war".(Chorus).

Third verse: "I move myself and my family aside, if we happen to be left at the line. I get all my papers and I smile at the sky. Knowin I've been hypnotized(reference to either NDE OR STE), [never lied"(Rev 14 no deceit on their lips)] . "Chorus ". Then instrumental signifying maybe struggle or conflict . Then they cheer the victor"Yaaay" "Meet the New Boss same as the old BOSS(GOD)".

The end of the song leaves only one thing unanswered. How many times have we been fooled? The Old testament tells the story of Genesis. Not far from Revelation 14 I was given in my experience that there was another time we were fooled before Genesis and the reason the world was created when we were all accusers. We have been given through GOD'S love, everything we asked for. But we need to learn the joy and heartbreak that a parent experiences. Then we have to choose if this"Veil of Tears" is what we want instead of Eternal Spiritual Happiness. We all need to know that we have the Ruby Slippers. Do we want to return home? I was given that, when enough Accusers truly believe this we will return home.

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