Meditation induced NDE and contact

Out-of-Body Experience
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Meditation induced NDE and contact

Post by Jem7 » Fri Jan 09, 2015 4:21 pm

LINK: LISA L experience

So I'm now on my way into clearing my mind, when a sudden rush of energy comes over me and it feels as if my hair is standing on end as well, I remember I had my hands clasped where I could feel my fingers really well, this was different it where as if it where someone else's hands and fingers, they felt so weird just as the experiences I had when I was a child, I had OBE and never knew what it really meant until many years later.

I could feel myself coming out through my head. I can’t say I actually ever looked down on my body and viewed it, it was like I was aware of it being below me, next thing I knew I was seeing colors swirling by.... I was then viewing a place, one I had never seen before.

It would be hard for me to give you a mental image of the beauty
that was taking place here but I'm going to try. The beach was so perfect the water met the sand just perfectly as if it were a puzzle piecing its self together with every small wave crashing in.... The color was so vivid nothing like I had ever seen here before. It was of orangey hues so vivid so admirable. I remember what looked like to be a moon or planet to the left it was almost sitting in the water it was so close.

This planet too was an orangey hue but also a very small amount of light blue lightly blended in the color. This exceeds everything I had ever seen in my life or in a movie. This all was like a dream that I had at one time.

I remember seeing a light coming toward me, it was bright but not like a white bright more of a white with a mixture of yellow and orange mixed amongst it. Immediately, I knew this light was my Dad! We walked hand in hand along the beach talking and catching up on things, although, I can’t remember what all was said.

At this point, it was more like two lights band together holding hands. We talked like seemed like forever but yet there was no awareness of time here. It is hard to picture this, as everything here on earth is run by time itself. There's just no feeling of time there. I truly can’t even explain it myself.

After taking our walk together he and I flew around in the sky playing and dancing as if we where two little kids having the time of their lives! At this point, he was my father. But then again, he wasn't; he was just a child to me when we were playing. We had a blast!

I can’t remember ever having this much fun and feeling this free and full of so much love and peace! When it was time to go, he gently lowered me back down through what seemed to be clouds. It may seem so stereotypical, but that's what happened.

He never said goodbye, but it was more of ‘I will see you later,’ all through telepathy, of course. We never used our mouths to speak…Next thing I knew I was back in my body.

Getting to unite with my Dad in such a way has made a big difference in my life. I had lost him in 1991 and have been grieving ever since. This experience was just astonishing and such a feeling of wonder for me. I now never have to wonder if there really is life after death, I KNOW there is! I have experienced it for myself.

I felt no grief or sorrow after this only love and happiness and more blessed than anything. I have been greedy though and have tried many times to reach him again only to be let down. Maybe this was my once in a lifetime experience with him and I should leave it at that.

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