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Stephanie W Experience 9/15/2017

Posted: Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:48 am
by Lexy

after reading this experience, I wanted to point out one thought: An entity like this, causing torment, could be a virus internally of the body - one possibility.

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[Originally posted by Lexy on 16 Sep 2017, 17:07]

Re: Stephanie W Experience 9/15/2017

Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2018 12:44 pm
by johnbower
I had an OBE when I was about 5 yo and "dreamed" I was flying over the neighborhood. I had never flown so I couldn't know what the houses looked like from the sky.

The other was when I sat on a chair and leaned back and hit my head on a nail and looked at the top of my head which is obviously impossible. But I saw the nail.

Re: Stephanie W Experience 9/15/2017

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 4:13 pm
by dreamer
My only OBE, I believe was when my goal was to visit the after life. I got there and I was recognized by my parents and they asked how I got there and what I was doing there.

Then I was immediately taken to who I believe was a 'spirit guide' or other authority there. He was oriental and very distinguished looking. He materialized in a office type room where I also found myself in front of him. He asked me why I came to visit the 'after life' and I told him I wanted a tour. We talked a little more as I was a little nervous. Then he started laughing as if a tour was not something he would allow me to do. He was loving and it was a positive meeting but when I told him I really wanted the 'tour' that is where it ended.

After that experience, I prayed and meditated and asked why that was inappropriate and stated I really wanted to see what it was like for myself. Shortly after, I had a dream and I was shown different buildings where 'life reviews', 'new life selections', and soul groups (mine I think) met to study. I didn't get to ask questions or really get a lot of the specifics but only a view of what it looked like. The 'screens' in the first 2 buildings I mentioned to view your life and future lives were amazing and made you feel like you were there experiencing something again or concerning the future for the first time. In the 'future area' I was shown a movie of a scene from my early childhood which I could not really remember where so much love was shown as I was the first child and very small and the emotions and everything seemed so amazingly real. It didn't seem like a regular movie at all as I was there and so were my emotions. Really amazing!